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New message from Darren-March 14th

March 14 2006
Finished the photo shoot for the tour book today.

I am beat!

Had the pleasure of working again with Karin Catt As you may know, I've worked with Karin quite a lot in my career. She's a wonderful Australian photographer now based in the U.S.Today she and Troy Brennan, my ever faithful hair stylist and Fintan Fitzgerald
(clothing stylist to the stars, and me!) managed to make a long hard shoot feel like a vacation.

It was all based on my concept for the tour - spending a big night IN. So I was all dressed up with nowhere to go! Very kooky shoot and tons of fantastic clothes. The images should be really interesting.

Now I'm exhausted.

The day before was a ten hour day shooting video footage for the plasma screens
and projections for the tour. We've got tons of new ideas and visual elements for the show and they are taking a lot of work. I hope you enjoy them!

Tomorrow I sit with the photographer and our tour book Editor to come up with the final shots and images we'll use for the programme. After tomorrow I've got a little bit of down time now before the 28th - which is when we start rehearsals. I can not wait. Leonie, Robert, George, Keith, Troy, Lana - we're all going to be together once more for the Griswalds European Vacation.
(Or, UK Tour!)
All I can say is.. look out England. We're coming!

So much exciting stuff coming up.
Like the trailer for the a certain concert film I've spent years making. And even sooner, an exciting announcement for my Australian audience.

But before that - I need sleep!

Until next time - big love as usual.
Your number one fan.

I still don't know how to post pics here so here's the link instead:

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